Why You Should Date Lithuanian Women

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What You Need to Know About Dating Lithuanian Women

Good looks, standard manners, and a restrained character are only a small part of the merits of women from Lithuania. Due to the unique charm, they manage to endear almost everyone, without going to extremes and not opening their souls and necklines wide open. Almost everyone agrees that the Lithuanian women are endowed with a special attraction that intrigues and fascinates at the same time. It is believed that they are stingy in expressing emotions and, unlike impetuous and temperamental Europeans, they are cold with others – but this is not about drawbacks but rather about features.

About Lithuanian Women

What do Lithuanians look like? They are known for their charming appearance. These girls attract attention with delicate facial features, light, thin skin and clear, piercing eyes. It seems that the shining Baltic Sea is reflected in the eyes of Lithuanians. Even in a few minutes of acquaintance, beautiful Lithuanian women create a vivid impression and remain in memory for a long time. Many Lithuanian girls are natural blondes. Many of them love sports and are good-educated. External restraint is compensated by the softness of character and friendliness. They are polite with others, but they know how to keep a distance with unfamiliar people.

How to Date Lithuanian Women?

These women are kind but freedom-loving. Indecisive men don’t even get the idea of how to conquer them and win their hearts. If you are seriously interested in the question of how to date such girls, then it is important to bear in mind that, for all their impetuosity and assertiveness, they are unusually conservative and don’t tolerate any pressure on themselves. However, having found the right approach to these eccentric women, you can attract their attention and interest, that is, start a relationship. So, how to achieve it?

lituania girlsDon’t be too right

Having acquainted with a girl, men try to prove their point of view and, without realizing it, they often make fatal mistakes, some of which can quickly lead to the opposite effect and spoil relationships. Being too right is one of the mistakes. Everyone probably notices that women of Lithuania never pay attention to too right guys. After all, a woman is also a person, and next to such a man, she will always feel uncomfortable, afraid to say something or do something wrong. So, be natural. Don’t try to do anything to show you from the best side. Too right people are not very pleasant in communication.

Don’t be shy

If you want to understand how to interest a girl, even without making special efforts, you definitely need to become self-confident. If you sincerely believe that you can make a woman enjoy your company and have a good time, in such a case, there is a high probability that she will want to become yours. Shyness shows your immaturity, and a woman needs a confident man. There is nothing wrong or reprehensible in taking the first step. You can read dozens of pick-up books and topics on how to meet and communicate with a girl, how to stop being ashamed, and so on. But this will not help you unless you take action in this direction.

Use witty jokes

Lithuanian ladies are very interested in men who have an extraordinary mind. Such men will always have an advantage because they can do everything so that women have fun. Remember that there is no better moment to show your sense of humor than at the beginning of communication. If you manage to make a girl laugh, she will have associations with you and pleasant emotions. Boring communication kills attraction. Show your sense of humor, add carelessness to your conversation and flirt with a girl.

More compliments

Compliments have a positive impact on a woman! Being engaged in Lithuanian dating, every man should be able to say words that are pleasant to the girl’s ear. When giving a compliment, not only words, but also additional indicators are important, namely: intonation, voice, smile, and so on. To be honest and sincere is the basic principle of a good compliment for a beautiful girl or woman. It is better to immediately abandon flattery and deception because a girl feels them right away. In this case, the result may be completely opposite from the expected. You only need to say what you really like in the appearance and character of a girl.

Amuse her

Your inner state is the main secret of success. If you are sad, dissatisfied, upset, then no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to cheer up a girl. When you meet a girl, first of all, think of how you can amuse her, create such funny situations to catch a drive on a date. Take her to the amusement park, do crazy things. Positive emotions are guaranteed, which means the girl will treat you with confidence. In addition, a woman will see that you are not indifferent and try your best to amuse her.

Where to Meet Lithuanian Women?

When it comes to the fact that you need to choose a place, you may be confused. Where to go first? What app to use? What are the peculiarities of Lithuanian dating culture? Where to find these charming ladies? Of course, the Internet is the first place that comes to mind. You can use dating sites. But you can meet such a woman in real life as well. As a rule, in a large city, there is a good percentage of foreign tourists. Pay attention to those places and sights that are especially loved by tourists, and it is likely that among them, you will meet your potential girlfriend.


Traveling is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends in different parts of the world. Obviously, when traveling, you will have to deal with strangers, talk with them or even ask for help. Therefore, we recommend you to be vigilant and enjoy the journey. If you don’t want to spend the evening in the company of strangers, start making acquaintances right on the plane. Talk to a nice woman. There is a huge chance that a woman sitting next to you on the plane also travels alone and will not mind spending time with pleasure and get acquainted.

lituania girlsVilnius

You should definitely see the sights of Vilnius, take a walk through the cobbled streets, and listen to urban musicians. Moreover, you can meet a lot of Lithuanian girls there. You can walk down the old town or Piles Street – one of the Oldest of Vilnius streets. It is perhaps one of the best places for walking. If you’re lucky, you can get in the epicenter of holiday festivities, visit the country’s most famous fairs, walk through museums and retail outlets. As an option, you can go to Europe Park. This is not an ordinary park but rather a museum located on 55 hectares under the open sky. A lot of girls walk there.


Looking for a girl, it is worth visiting Kaunas. This ancient city with a centuries-old history, many architectural and cultural monuments, and attractions will not leave you indifferent. For example, you can go to Kaunas Castle. Tourists have the opportunity to get to the festival or exhibition, which is often held on the castle grounds. If you are going to visit Botanical Garden, then you will get to a big park where you can just walk and get acquainted with girls. And from the top of Aleksotas Funicular, you will see the Town Hall, the Church of St. Francis Xavier, and many other places. You can enjoy the view with one of the beautiful ladies.


The most popular attractions are Hill of Crosses and Cat Museum, this is a museum that is especially popular among girls. Only in this museum, you can find a huge number of interesting cases from the life of cats, and we all know how much girls love cats. Or you can visit The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. It is located in the center of the city, and it means that there a lot of beautiful girls. Moreover, this place is especially loved by the locals, so the townspeople often make appointments and dates here. You should take into account all these places if you find Lithuanian women beautiful and want to get acquainted with them.

Dating Sites and Apps

Using dating sites and apps, you also have a good opportunity to get acquainted with an intelligent girl from Lithuania in a very short time. If you are in search of an affair with a beautiful woman on the Internet, don’t hesitate for a long time. Remember that it is easy to get acquainted through the Internet. Let’s imagine that you dream of having a serious relationship with a woman in Lithuania. Just select the desired profile, send a woman an interesting message and just ask her to go out with you. You can chat as long as you want. Dating sites and apps will make it easier for you to meet an attractive Lithuanian female and have a pleasant time together.


So, these girls are famous for their incredible beauty. But don’t be afraid of their closeness. This is only the first impression of them. Most likely, you will fall in love with one of them in a fleeting second. To conquer such a girl, it is necessary to make an effort. First of all, you have to be a real man. Moreover, you must constantly amuse her. You can meet beautiful Lithuanian women anywhere, but the best way is to go to their country or use dating sites and apps. If you can conquer one of the girls, you will not regret it for a minute. After all, they are the embodiment of all the best qualities.

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