Why It’s Hard To Find A Wife In Australia And What To Do About It

australian women

Within the last decades, with feminist tendencies on the rise in all developed countries (including Australia), it’s become quite complicated to find Aussie brides for a long-term, solid relationship. Modern women are focusing on career and self-realization, and marriage is not on the list of their priorities at al. For this reason, Australian men started turning to international marriage agencies to find a partner in one of the Eastern European countries.

australian girls

Why It’s Hard to Find a Wife in Australia

So, why is it so hard to find a wife in Australia? As we mentioned above, most Australian girls don’t approach choosing a life partner with enough responsibility. Being career-oriented, they find it hard to juggle a job and a relationship. The first 30-40 years of their life are not devoted to building a relationship and taking upon the role of a wife (performing house chores, raising children, spending free time with their husband), but instead to establishing themselves as professionals. Reluctant to show weakness, they strive to compete with men in every sphere of life: financial, social, professional, etc. Some men quite like the competitive spirit and enjoy having to fight over their girlfriend’s attention throughout the entire relationship.

On the other hand, Australian women are equally as demanding towards their partners as they are towards their own accomplishments. In this case, if a man is not living up to his girlfriend’s expectations, she is very likely to initiate a break-up. This is typical Aussie wives mentality: they don’t form strong attachments and are quick to leave as soon as a relationship stops satisfying them. A lot of men, expecting to work out the problems together and receive some emotional support during this hard period in the relationship, are left traumatized by the sudden turn of events. As a consequence, depression and self-confidence issues develop and start getting in the way of building a new, healthy relationship with a new partner.

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Obviously, most men have a more traditional outlook on life. That’s why they find it so hard to find a good wife, reliable and empathetic, who would make a good mother to their children. Different values lead to recurring conflicts, and those in turn almost always lead to break-ups. So, what do you do in this situation? Do you make a effort to reconsider your own priorities, or try to alter your partners’ views?

Practice shows that neither of these things work in the long-term prospective. Sooner or later, the innermost desires and goals rear up their head. If family means more than just a social status to you, your partner’s values conflicting with yours can lead to a complete lack of mutual understanding and growing emotional distance.


Here are some facts about Australian girls to help you better navigate your relationship.

  • They love being active. Most Australian girls prefer outdoor dates: on the beach, in open-terrace cafes, in parks, etc. This is, of course, only to be expected with the kind of sunny weather Australia has for a better part of the year.
  • They enjoy eating healthy. When dating Aussie girls, don’t try to tempt them with pizza and fast food – go for the healthy organic option. Your date is sure to appreciate it.
  • australian women

  • They are independent. Aussie girls dating their fellow countrymen tend to be stubborn and firm about personal boundaries. This means that you won’t be able to set your own rules and impose your views, at least at the beginning of your relationship.
  • They don’t try to make themselves look better than they are, and don’t like seeing this quality in others. Don’t pretend to be someone more successful and wealthy than you really are: the truth will come out sooner or later, but nothing will clean the stain from your image.
  • They enjoy sports. Australian girls spend a lot of time working out. Your chances will be higher if you keep yourself in good shape too (by the way, working out together is a great idea for an active date!)
  • They want to do everything on their own. Single Aussie girls are looking for an equal partner, not a sugar daddy or a slave. So don’t attempt to fix all of their problems – many local girls will find it annoying. Obviously, any Australian woman will be grateful if you give her a hand with a blown tyre, but don’t go overboard with offering your help every step of the way.
  • They love traveling. If you want to make an Australian fall in love with you, suggest a trip to somewhere she’s never been before. New experiences you share during the trip will help create a deeper romantic connection between the two of you.
  • They want to make a career and expect the same from their partner. An Aussie girl is equally unlikely to choose a man who tells her to “stay in the kitchen” and one who is not interested in personal professional development. That’s why hard-working and determined men have more chances to succeed when dating Australian woman.

They are opposed to sexism. Forget your sexist jokes if you are dating Australian girl. These women are strong and independent, and they won’t take rudeness from you.

Alternatives Ways to Find Wife in Australia — Mail Order Brides from Eastern Europe

If you have despaired of trying to find a partner among Australian girls for marriage and are disappointed with dating in Australia in general, you might want to switch your attention to girls of different nationalities.

As a good alternative, you can start looking at Eastern European countries: Ukraine or Russia. Eastern European women still retain the classically feminine priorities, such as family and children, in their mentality, without being meek and compliant like women from some eastern cultures can be. These girls know how to find a balance between easy-going and dignified. That’s why Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian women are universally considered perfect marriage material.

Thanks to modern internet technologies, there is no need to pack your suitcase and venture out into Eastern Europe on your quest to find your soulmate. You can just register at an international dating website and message a girl you like. Don’t forget to read her profile carefully – it’s still possible that your values drastically differ.

After making sure the girl is really a perfect match for you, hurry up and message her. You might not be the only one interested in her hand in marriage, so be quick before she says “yes” to someone else!

Comparison Table of Wives from Ukraine/Russia and Australia

Below is a comparative table of the qualities typically found in brides from Ukraine/Russia and Australian brides.

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Qualities Ukrainians/Russians Australians
Character traits Easygoing, open, peace-loving, loyal, thrifty, love children and pets, tend to take upon all household chores, ready to settle down at a young age; less positive traits are possible meekness and the tendency to feel awkward next to a foreign partner due to difference in mentalities Determined, stubborn, love to travel, career-oriented, want to see a successful partner; less positive traits are excessive independence and fixation on material values and own career accomplishments
Appearance Like to look good even when at home; enjoy exercise, diets, and beauty treatments; neat; native Ukrainians and Russians have good genetics, are tall and have pleasant facial features Like to lead a healthy life, spend a lot of time in the sun (which, however, can lead to premature skin aging), enjoy sports
Intellect Russia and Ukraine have high quality education provided by the state; moreover, 54% of Russian citizens have a Master’s or Specialist’s degree (for comparison, in Australia it’s only 41%); which is why girls from these countries are well-educated and have a broad outlook Australians are quite smart too, but many of them don’t aim for a Master’s degree if they are not interested in a scholarly career.

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Benefits for You

Turning to a dating agency in search of a future bride gives you some immediate advantages. First of all, you won’t have to waste your time looking for a suitable partner – a look through a list of women and their profiles will be enough to see which girl is truly the perfect match for you. Second, all the women here are genuinely interested in long-term relationships: you won’t run into a flighty girl who’s going to decide she is not interested in a family in the nearest future. Finally, this allows you to really get to know your chosen one before you meet her face to face.

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