How to Date Travel Girls

Well, in good old days, caring moms taught their inexperienced progeny: “If you want to understand a girl, just look into her handbag!” But, what to do if your special girl prefers a big tourist backpack to all fancy purses?

Nevertheless, there is something special about dating travel girls. They are creative, spontaneous, risky, and dreamy. And if you start to date a woman who travels, be sure, your life will be full of incredible adventures. This kind of great travelers can be described with one phrase: “There are people, who are born for traveling”. It’s an essential part of their identity recognizing no other ways of life and it can’t be accepted by anyone. Travelers take the road again and again.

Outdoorswoman will never be satisfied with an exotic journey once a year. That’s why these ladies hope to find a soul mate who shares their absolute passion or dream about it, at least. This typical girl was everywhere else one can imagine and tried a lot of things. She would rather choose something extraordinary, than a banal route. As a consequence, her man should always be on the alert for her itchy feet and be ready to pack a suitcase immediately. She knows her needs and is ready to eliminate any obstacle that prevents her from satisfying the drive for voyages.

Let’s review the main reasons for travel women dating and ways how to make your life special.

1. Boredom and mutual fatigue gradually kill your relationship. If you practice travel girls dating, be sure, these troubles will avoid you. Your couple will be busy going all over the world searching for adventures. Besides, she knows so many fascinating stories and facts that they will suffice for a lifetime.

dating travel girls2. Traveling is a perfect chance to find out about ourselves and to know the real value of life. Adventurous girls have nothing to do with pompous glamorous foolish girls, ready to give a kidney for a new purse and shoes, or prissy drama queens, changing their mood depending on the lunar phase. They prefer sitting at home and hate camping.

3. She is always light on her feet. If you want to tie your life with a sightseer, you don’t need to persuade her to try something new. Wanderer’s passion for everything unknown would have a positive impact on all aspects of your relations. Uncharted paths, exotic dishes, unexpected trips, and racy emotions – all these moments can be shared together.

4. By default, travelers must rely exclusively on themselves and find the way from any situation independently. Traveled women are usually satisfied with basic necessities, know the value of money and won’t communicate with you only for material bonuses. You don’t need to have an expensive car, a really cool cell phone, and a bank account. It’s enough to be there when she needs you, take a heavy item from her backpack, and learn a camping song. Trips teach us that independence and freedom are inalienable attributes of happy life.

5. A real trip has nothing in common with the “glamorous” pictures that we see on television or on the movie screen. A woman going on a round-the-world trip must be clever. The level of education doesn’t play any role. A sightseer must have a curious mind. There should be a perfect combination of knowledge, intellect, and common sense. There are also bags of different tasks and problems that need to be solved. And if she deals with it, that’s saying something.

6. This girl won’t lie on the sofa and talk over the phone the whole weekend. She will always strive to do something: to go camping, to ride a bicycle or bike, to swim, to fly, or just to stroll. You don’t have to think how to entertain her, quite the contrary, just make sure that you can keep up with her.

7. You will never play the role of a babysitter if you’re with a traveled girl. She can prepare a dinner out of nothing and create comfort from scratch.

8. The saying: “Love can make any place agreeable” is understood by her literally. All you need is to save up some money to buy a comfortable tent and a sleeping bag for couples to keep warm all year round.

9. Getting bright impressions together is essential for a strong relationship. You will discover each other anew, see your mate from the unexpected angles. Doing something together for the first time is a very intimate and romantic experience.

10. Traveling together, you get a great number of opportunities to admire the sunrises and sunsets. Your love will conquer numerous peaks…and enjoy the beauty of a landscape. There is something magical and exhilarating about exploring new territories together. You will fulfill the most unusual dreams. To do something like that without “the gene of traveler” is almost impossible.

11. And the last and the most important reason. If you resort to travel woman dating, you will begin a new stage of life. Yes, perhaps, your life will be too eventful, too unpredictable, and sometimes even dangerous, but it will never be boring.

travelgirls dating siteBut what would you do if you have to stay at home? How to be in touch with your traveler? There are some pieces of advice:

1. Try to be on the phone or online as long as you can. People who are physically apart lose too much without communication. Talk and share your emotions every moment.

2. Learn to give and to receive compliments. Don’t be afraid to be a bit ridiculous and to use too much sentimental silliness. The thing is the positive attitude to other person is reflected by the facial expression, gaze, gestures, and intonation. Telephone communication is devoid of this and if you speak in an ordinary manner, you seem more cold and distant than you really are.

3. If you have disagreements, you have to share your feelings. What is more, argue if you really feel this need. This is not about making scenes with disconnecting telephones or going offline. No matter how annoyed you are, try to avoid these mistakes. Don’t make your mate suffer far away.

So, live, travel, love, make plans together, and know: if you do your best, your relationship will move to another level soon proving your true feelings.

What to present to your traveler

If you are dating a girl who travels a lot, you can make a good present for her:

Organizer for documents. Now you can easily find a variety of models of this accessory. It will be useful for any traveler because it will help keep documents and tickets in good shape. A variety of holders will give you the opportunity to choose the one that is perfect for your girlfriend’s style. By the way, an unusual cover for a passport is also a nice gift.

EBook. Perhaps it is a gadget that brings us the most benefit and pleasure on a trip. It will help spend the time on the road, relax at reading on the beach or in a cafe, or after a hard day. A reader can download a few favorite books that will be enough for the entire trip. It is an excellent alternative to paper books that take up a lot of space and also weigh a lot.

Notebook for travelers. Such thematic notebooks are created especially for travelers and contain the necessary information such as city codes, maps, etc. In addition, such notebooks are decorated in the style of different countries and cities, and you can choose a notebook with your traveler’s favorite place (or with a city that she has long wanted to visit).

Wristwatch with several dials. In addition to the main dial, such watches are equipped with several more, showing the time in different cities. Thus, she doesn’t need to constantly turn them back to the current time of a particular city, and she can set the desired time on the other dials. If you date travel girls from some dating site, this gift will be useful for you as well. Also, a shockproof and waterproof watch will be a good gift.

travelgirlPurse. Dating travel girls you can also present a purse. Yes, this is a pretty versatile gift. But a capacious and durable purse with several compartments will be an indispensable accessory for a travel lover. She can put inside cash of different currencies and all the necessary cards and documents (for example, a driver’s license).

Monopod for taking selfies. What are we doing wanting to keep the memories of the trip we liked? Of course, we take pictures! If we travel with friends, there will be no problems with this: someone can take a picture of you near attractions and beautiful places. And how can lonely wanderers take photos? The monopod was created especially for such people. This gadget connects to any smartphone and allows its owners to take pictures of themselves from the distance they need, making beautiful pictures without outside help.

Tourist kit. Does your girl like hiking? Great! Help her to make future trips as comfortable and safe as possible, presenting a kit for tourists as a gift. It includes a raincoat, a compass, binoculars for studying the surrounding environment and a flashlight. All listed accessories are packed in a small handbag. If you want, you can make such a kit by yourself. This gift will be doubly pleasant, original, creative and useful.

Glasses with a built-in photo/video camera. This is a stylish accessory and an indispensable thing for any traveler. Your lovely tourist will not have to spend time getting a camera out of a bag, setting it, catching the focus and taking a picture at a good angle. The gadget works on the principle of “I take a picture of everything I see” and allows to make the best photos without spending extra time.

Coded lock for luggage. Unfortunately, there are robbers anywhere in the world. Therefore, any traveler needs to be on the lookout. With such a gift, your girls will be easier to cope with the above task: she just should put the lock on her suitcase, set a complex of secret combination and continue traveling without worrying about the things in a bag.

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