Are Russian Women Loyal?

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People of a particular nation have their own system of values. Some countries are mainly money- or success-oriented, while others prioritize nonmaterial values. It is quite commonly asked – are Russian girls loyal? Russians are very family oriented, the main priority for them is their families. Even when they get married and create their own families, they don’t alienate from their parents and kin. Russian families are close-knit because they cherish family ties. This can be explained by the fact that Russian culture is largely based on the traditions.

Children respect their parents and take care of them when they become independent. A woman ties the knot with the man she loves and she wants to live a happy and long life with him. She respects him and dedicates her life to him and their children. Russian women are loyal and devoted wives because they realize that nothing in their lives is more important than their families.

Loyal Russian Wives: Examples from History

Today, when Russians want to describe an extremely loyal wife they call that woman a “Decembrist’s wife”. Very often, this phrase is used with a shade of irony but the history behind this expression is really impressive and it proves the unbelievable loyalty of Russian women. First of all, who are those Decembrists? In December 1825, a group of Russian army officers and aristocrats organized a revolt against the czar. The revolt was suppressed and the participants (Decembrists) were arrested and later sent into exile to Siberia. Their wives were offered to divorce them or be pronounced as widows. 11 wives showed their boundless loyalty to their husbands and decided to go to Siberia together with them.

It was a brave act, indeed. Those women and men were aristocrats, they had servants, so they were not used to heavy manual work and bad conditions. In exile, men had to work in mines from 6 a.m. till 11 p.m. put into chains. Their wives were allowed to visit them twice a week. Only 30 years later Decembrists were amnestied and could return to the European part of Russia. Their wives are considered to be heroic women in Russia.

There is even a poem by Nikolai Nekrasov that glorifies the heroic deed of Decembrists’ wives. One of the wives was stopped by a general who tried to persuade her not to follow her husband, “You’re following him like a slave”. And her reply was, “I’m not a slave! I’m a woman – a wife!” This historical example speaks volumes about how loyal Russian women are and should answer the question – are Russian women loyal?

Blind Love

are Russian women faithfulWhat is the secret of Russian loyalty? Probably, it is in the way Russian women love. They love unconditionally and self-forgetfully – this is how a mysterious Russian soul loves. It’s usually called “blind love” – a woman loves her man and her feelings for him are so strong that she ignores his faults and sees only his virtues. She forgives him a lot of things because she values their relationship.

When a Russian woman falls in love with a man, she gives him all her heart. His age, financial status, or appearance is of no consequence to her as long as he gives her the same amount of love and makes her happy. She wants to be with him through thick and thin and she will. She will be there for him when the spirits are low; she’ll also be glad to share all his pleasant moments. Very often, Russian men start taking their wives’ attitude to them for granted. They don’t appreciate that loyalty and self-sacrifice. In the long run, when a woman wakes up and realizes that her man doesn’t appreciate her, she may get disillusioned and feel betrayed or even start looking for the man who’ll cherish her feelings.

It’s Better to Fix That Throw Away

Russian girls were told in their childhood that one day they would meet a good guy, fall in love with him, get married, and live together till the last breath. Many Russian women have good examples of their grandparents who lived more than 50 years together. The problem of today’s couples is that they would rather break up than make up. A Russian woman will do her best to save her marriage. She’ll turn a blind eye to some minor misdeeds and will forgive many things for the sake of their relationship. Her loyalty here borders on patience and infinite forgiveness. She stays loyal to the oath she gave when she tied the knot with her loved one.

Loyalty to the Family

Russian women understand the word family not only as he and she but he, she, and their kids. It explains their desire to become mothers and give their love to their children. Russian mothers deserve immense respect. Their maternal love is powerful and all-embracing. Moreover, they manage to be the best mothers for their kids and often do it simultaneously with their studies or career. However, if a Russian woman feels that her family, that is her husbands and children, lack her attention, she’ll choose in favor of her family and take a pause in her career just to spend more time with people who really need her.

Qualities of Real Russian Women

There is a huge difference between western traditions and the traditions found in Russia. The differences in culture are apparent. Real and authentic Russian women prefer to share their intimate emotions as well as their body with a single man, usually their boyfriend or husband. They are taught from birth to be loyal and faithful towards their family and therefore love spending their precious time on the man they choose to love. This should answer the question – are Russian women faithful?

As much as the stereotype seems to point the other way, Russian women are not overly bragging, annoying gold diggers. They have a bad reputation for the ever-expanding bride industry aimed at preferably rich foreigners. Very few Russian women actually sell themselves to foreigners for the money they have. They greatly prefer to marry someone they genuinely like.

are Russian girls loyalThey may let the man be the leader in the family, but do not expect them to let anyone walk over her so easily. Russia can be a tough place, which means the women are hardy survivors and can hold their ground when they have to. While not all Russian women like vodka, they do know how to have a good time, so expect to be entertained at all times, since they love to entertain others and are amazing at it. Furthermore, in addition to the natural beauty Russian women possess, their fashion sense is usually on point, with clothes being an integral of who they are.

So expect your woman to dress and impress. Interestingly enough, family being such a big aspect of their lives, you can expect her parents to care more about you than your own family. Seriously. Win over their hearts and you are set for life. Russian women are also some of the smartest in the world. They are raised to think, act, and live in an independent manner.

Lastly, Russian women know the importance of hard work and the need for an investment of any kind into the family she is part of, so do not expect to be pushing the wagon on your own. If you conquer the heart of a Russian girl, she will go with you to the very end. So for the men that wonder – are Russian women loyal? They are.

There should be no doubt that Russian women make some amazing wives for the average western male. This is due to quite a few reason, one of them being that a Russian wife will be very devoted to her husband make do her best at pleasing him. These qualities – faithfulness and loyalty, are looked for in a woman by any intelligent man, which is exactly why western men yearn for a Russian companion. These traits are, of course, present with women of different cultures, but as practice shows, Russian women typically hold a stronger case in this regard.

Do not bother approaching a Russian woman that is already married, and if you do, expect a rejection. A woman that is loyal will never involve herself in a sexual relationship with anyone other than her husband. You can always attempt to establish a friendship with a Russian woman. She will teach you a lot and impart a lot of wisdom on to you, and if you are lucky, you too may score yourself a Russian woman.

If all of the above did not make it clear yet, then here is a short summary. Russian women are loyal and faithful. They will travel the world by foot if it means helping their husband. They are typically the last ones to leave the ship in case things start falling apart, and will do anything in their power to fix the problem. They are well aware of what is expected of them and their responsibilities, and they gladly do their job, but they do expect something in return. Not golden jewelry or monthly trips overseas, only a secure future and a loyal life companion.

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