How to Date a 10-Year Younger Girl: Basic Tips and Advice


Cute young girls are splendid in many senses; men marvel at their beauty and cheerfulness and enjoy their youthful boldness. There is nothing weird with the fact that males of all ages are attracted to younger women. But is dating a 20-year-old woman safe enough? It can be if you understand the way she thinks.

What makes young women look for older romantic partners?

Age can be the sign of masculinity. A regular woman subconsciously (or consciously) seeks a man who would be stronger and more experienced than she is. This is biologically normal – a female creature needs a male who can protect her and help solve her problems and simply care about her. To make a long story short, she wants someone to be her rock. As 10 years her senior, you seem to possess life wisdom and many valuable skills, which makes you a relationship material.

What if it is the Electra complex? Quite often, pretty young girls miss the figure of a father in their lives. For various reasons, married couples get divorced and children stay with their mothers in most cases. Girls who grow up in such conditions become jealous about men’s attention because they didn’t get enough of it in their early years. By all means, an older lover can play multiple roles in a relationship: he can be a lover, a senior friend, and give some parental support.

young woman old manAge mates may not suit their dating goals. It is a well-known fact that boys need more time to grow up than girls. Speaking of a 20-something-year-old lady, she is surrounded by young immature guys who barely know what they want in life. Needless to say, they aren’t ready for serious relationships that include commitment. But many girls determine their priorities at the age of 20+ so they can build long-term love. Since their age mates have to reach many other heights yet, these young women prefer going out with 30-something or older males.

Eagerness to learn. Young females are not fully aware of their own capabilities and opportunities so they are willing to explore the world and themselves. An older beau can teach such a girl many things about life. Ideally, a romantic relationship should positively impact one’s mental growth and sexual skills.

So this was an insight into the psychology of women looking for older men. Let’s now discuss how to date a young girl and make the best of it!

10 key facts to know about dating a 10-year younger girl

1. She looks for a developed personality. We fall in love with one’s individuality and inner development is surely one of the biggest pluses of ageing. When you are a 20-year-old, you are yet to grow into the complete version of yourself. The more mature a man becomes, the more he can offer as a lover. So your traits and knowledgeability are essential for winning a younger lady’s heart.

2. Your accomplishments are definitely attractive. Any woman longs for a true man by her side. And why do men date younger women? One of the reasons is that they wish to be praised. Women of your own age already run their own successful careers and are confident about their worth. A younger girl only begins her path and she needs someone who would be an example for her. Everything you’ve achieved will make you stand out. In return, your partner will worship you. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Project self-assurance to succeed. The older we get, the more confidence we should accrue. Well, confidence is traditionally included in the list of the manly qualities and for good reasons. Don’t underestimate yourself but let the world see your strongest sides – a rare woman will remain indifferent when she meets such a candidate for romantic relationships.

4. Girls fall for charismatic men. Everybody has his own conception of charisma and this is what makes humans unique. You probably know how to present yourself right so use it to charm a younger lady. This is, in fact, your advantage because 20-something admirers often fail to make their merits noticeable for girls and their characters aren’t fully formed yet.

5. She represents another generation. The accepted difference between two generations is 25 years. However, humans change too fast today so this gap becomes smaller. Some specialists say that people who have 5-10 years apart belong to different generations. Don’t get astonished with the fact that your girlfriend isn’t used to what you like: she was brought up in times of the Internet, the newest gadgets, and increased social freedoms. Your backgrounds may be really dissimilar in many aspects, keep this in mind.

older man dating6. Young people need a special attitude towards them. You know, they are inexperienced and full of illusions. Dating a 20-year-old girl might be rather tricky because it is super easy to hurt her. The problem is that young people nowadays tend to put very high expectations on relationships: on the one hand, they want to be loved; on the other hand, they aren’t ready to give up their freedom in the name of long-term romance. Hence, you will need to find the golden mean to maintain healthy love.

7. You need to be her partner and her chevalier. Today’s women do not cease to excite men with their versatility. Young ladies establish their enterprises, travel around the world, earn money, and want to take all the good things life can give them. In other words, modern 20-something girls wish to be equals with their beloved ones. Yet they nevertheless want to feel like princesses. A man should perform many functions as well – he is supposed to be his woman’s lover and best friend.

8. Do not expect her to be a piece of your property. It is true that hot young girls can be somewhat detached – they are too immersed in their independent lives. Their generation barely follows the stereotypes that used to rule the social thought during long centuries. A woman doesn’t have to obey her significant other. She wants to do what she judges to be right; and if you try to oppress her, she won’t probably stay with you for too long.

9. Should you be in charge of her inner development? I would say that it partially depends on you. People whose relationship is harmonious typically encourage one another to change for the better. Of course, your girlfriend is self-reliant but she will be glad to hear some good advice from you or obtain your backing in a difficult situation. If this younger girl turns out to be your soulmate, she will be happy to gain from your wisdom and broad-mindedness.

10. She will change over the years. When you meet a lady in her 20s, you need to consider that she is about to evolve with time. Her circle of interests will expand; some of her habits will go away and some new will come; finally, her preferences in love might transform. Dating her is rather unpredictable – like every undertaking in our life, strictly speaking. Your age gap might impact these processes ambiguously. You two will need to work out the right strategy and keep your communication great in order to stay together as long as possible!

These were the secrets of how to date younger women. As you can see, a ten-year age gap doesn’t threaten your love if you manage to handle little issues we talked about. Hope this guide helps you conquer the girl of your dreams!

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