How to Date Cambodian Girl

Cambodia Girls

Do you know what Cambodia is? This is the good old Thailand before its rapid economic growth. Surely you’ve heard about the high crime rate in this country. On the Internet, there are many travel blogs that publish articles on how to behave in this country so as not to encounter troubles. But this is only one side of Cambodia.

The other side of this country is a chic, warm climate, and charming local girls. If everything is clear with the climate – the country is in tropical latitudes and is a popular place for beach rest, then admiration of the local girls causes misunderstanding among those who do not know anything about them. But these girls are a real treasure for those men who appreciate real women’s love.

10 Pros and Cons of Dating Cambodian Girl

As you know, every medal has two sides. This expression is also relevant in relation to Cambodian girls. They have a lot of important advantages, but there are shortcomings, which we are obliged to tell, so that you can make the right choice, considering all the nuances – both positive and negative.


– Despite your age, you always have the chance to marry a young Cambodian beauty.

– Marriage with a Cambodian girl makes you go ahead and develop your personality.

– These girls speak English very well.

– Dating such a girl will make you feel like a movie star.

– They are very beautiful.

– Dating a Cambodian girl is always fun!

– These girls are thin.

– It is nearly impossible to get bored with a Cambodian girl.

– They are pretty and conservative (in the best sense of this world).

– A Cambodian girl can make you feel happy every day.


– It is not so easy to date Cambodian girls as you may think.

– It is nearly impossible to have a deep conversation with a Cambodian girl.

– You have to make a decision where you will live as a couple.

– You’ll have to communicate with her relatives very closely.

– The paperwork when marrying a Cambodian girl is a real challenge.

– Don’t even think about flirting with other girls! The Cambodian beauties are very jealous.

– Dating a Cambodian woman requires a passport check.

– You will have to wait before she gets used to your culture.

How to Ask a Girl on the First Date

There is absolutely nothing special about inviting a Cambodian girl to the first date. Cambodian girls have the same idea of ​​dating, as well as Western women. The only difference is that the Cambodian girl can take the first step and invite you on her own. Either she begins to make such direct hints that this will be tantamount to a direct proposal.

Just talk to the girl you like. It’s good if you meet in a crowded place. Then you will have an additional reason to invite her to a more secluded place so that you can get to know each other better in a more relaxed environment.

Worst Ways to Meet Cambodian Ladies?

We have studied the state of affairs with marriage agencies and come to an unequivocal conclusion – this is the worst way to meet a Cambodian woman. We will not say that there is not a single good marriage agency in this country. Indeed, among the many useless and expensive agencies there are those that can provide real help in searching for the bride. But there are too few of such responsible firms to speak about it seriously.

Three main reasons not to seek help from marriage agencies:

– The owners of most of the agencies are local residents and their main goal is fraud, not the dating and marriage organization.

– The rest of the agencies are owned by foreigners pursuing a similar goal.

– Most of the girls represented in the agencies are prostitutes, who help with the scams and get money for it.

Dating a Cambodian Girl Requires a Passport Check

We recommend that you take our words seriously. Cambodia is a country with a huge level of crime and social tension, which entails certain consequences. If you are not careful, the troubles will not take long to find you.

In this country, there are a lot of young prostitutes and swindlers. Therefore, having got acquainted with the local girl, ask her to show documents proving the identity. There is a very common scheme of fraud: a white man gets acquainted with a girl, he gets in the hotel room with her (and sometimes even in more decent circumstances), after which the girl starts threatening to call the police and accuse him of trying to rape her. The only way out in this situation is to give the girl money. You cannot count on the police – it is corrupt and dishonest.

So, if your relationship with a Cambodian girl has gone a little further than a friendly conversation, ask her to prove her age.

How to Impress a Cambodian Girl

Cambodian-womenStep 1: respect her culture

The culture of Cambodia is different from Western culture. You should immediately understand this thought and never part with it. Some aspects of Cambodian culture may seem strange, but you should not speak rudely about it or scoff at them. Always show respect.

Step 2: do not forget about surprises

Despite the fact that Cambodian women are not used to demanding expensive signs of love from men, they, like all women, like pleasant little things. If you want to impress a Cambodian lady, give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and invite her to a cafe or dinner in a restaurant.

Step 3: meet her family and friends

The family occupies an important place in the life of Cambodians. So do not neglect the meetings with your girlfriend’s family and friends. Try to make a good impression on them. The best way to do this is to remain yourself, staying polite and intelligent.

Gifts for Cambodian Girl

Hand-made body cosmetics

Cambodian girls love to care for their body, but only few of them can afford good cosmetics. You can please your lady with a set of shampoos, shower gels, and various natural creams.


All girls love when their pleasant scent drives men crazy. Good perfumes are expensive, so your girlfriend will be very pleased with the bottle of fragrant liquid. Choose delicate scents.

T-shirt with original print

Cambodians are very fond of bright, stylish clothes. You can find some funny print and put it on the T-shirt. Let it be something nice and pleasant. Your girlfriend will surely like this.

What About Language Barrier

Most Cambodians are fluent in English, so communication problems usually do not occur. If your new girlfriend does not know the language well, you can use an online translator or phrase book. Express your thoughts in simple and understandable phrases and listen carefully to your companion. Cambodians are very inquisitive and sociable people, so the language barrier will quickly disappear.

How Should You Dress?

Cambodian girls are delighted with European and American men who dress in a classic style. This is something in between the style of James Bond and the British style of casual. If you go out on a date to a restaurant, dress simply but tastefully. A neat shirt with a restrained print, jeans, and shoes are always a win-win option.

If you’re just going for a walk, you can wear the same thing, changing your shoes to sneakers. The main rule – do not dress like a pimp or a young man during puberty.

Be Careful to Say No When a Cambodian Lady Offers You a Drink

The worst places to relax in Cambodia are dark, shady bars. Your chances to get in trouble there are very high. Especially if trouble comes to you in the form of a charming, sexy Cambodian girl. On her charming face, a snow-white smile is shining, she has two mouth-watering cocktails in her hands and she is moving confidently in your direction. From the first words, it becomes clear that she likes you very much. A couple of words and you understand – she is delighted with you. And then comes darkness. Some manage to return from this darkness, but some do not. And all because someone poured some chemical muck into the glass to rob you.

Therefore, NEVER take alcohol from the hands of strangers. Even if it’s a stunningly beautiful Cambodian girl.

beautiful cambodian brideHow to Avoid/Recognize Prostitutes

To be honest, it’s almost impossible to avoid them. The number of prostitutes and street hookers in Cambodia is so great that sooner or later you will encounter one of them. But you can still keep the number of these meetings to a minimum. You only need to do 2 things: do not talk to girls who approach you on the street and do not go to Irish pubs. The locals built them specially for foreigners. Just do not think that they are so caring – Irish pubs in Cambodia are created in order to sell you a prostitute or other dubious pleasures. Believe me, you will not find there the atmosphere of an old good Irish pub with delicious beer and a cheerful company.

But there are a lot of foreigners (mostly men from Western Europe, the United States, and Australia) with thick wallets and vague intentions. In addition to prostitutes, you can face many other troubles in such places.

How to Avoid Cambodian Scam?

Never take alcohol from the hands of a stranger. Especially if it’s a sexy girl in a revealing attire telling you that you are the most beautiful and stylish man she has ever seen.

Do not go to places that are called Irish pubs. If you, of course, do not want to risk your money and other values ​​for the sake of not having the best sex for $5.

If you rent a car in Cambodia, obey all the laws. Do not let the local traffic police officers stop you. The fact is that this is their main way of earning money. They stop tourists for minor violations and force them to pay heavy fines. These sums go into the pocket of policemen and they exceed the real amount of the fine several times.

8 Best Dating Sites in Cambodia to Meet Girls

Asian Dating – it is the most popular dating site in Cambodia. Girls are always active there, so you can visit it at any time of the day or night and find someone to chat or meet.

– Cambodian Dating – this is a relatively new dating site with fast registration and nice design.

– Asian Date Net – this is one of the first dating sites that have appeared in Cambodia.

– iDateAsia – if you want to meet SouthEast Asian women, that is the right place.

– Date in Asia – this site is 100% free to join and here you can find many girls from Cambodia.

– AsianFriendly – this site was created primarily for men seeking for a better half in Asia.

– Asian Date – one of the best dating sites with many Cambodian girls

– AsianPeopleMeet – was created to help Asian people meet each other.

Wrapping it Up

If you are aiming at a serious relationship, you will succeed. Cambodian women immediately feel it. In response to male love, they are ready to show their best qualities. They are loyal and will always be on the side of their boyfriend / husband.

They are very fond of having fun and going out. You will never get bored with them. They are hot. These women are watching their appearance because they know what a woman’s beauty is capable of. Cambodian ladies are very nice and kind. It’s really nice to spend time with them and forget about your problems.

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