How to Prepare Facebook Profile for Dating

Those who are looking for serious relationships online should keep in mind that a perfect profile photo won’t work if you’re profile does not say enough about you. The perfect profile should attract the right people. This is crucial!

1. Give some short information about you.

The key thing here is that it should match your photo. Pick 5 adjectives that describe you best in your opinion. If you hesitate what to choose, ask your friends or relatives to help. They will easily come up with at least 10 adjectives to describe you.

Mind that this information should include some details on your passions. Add a few words on what you care about. If you care about animals, say so. Again, the best variant will be if your profile photos reflect at least some of the mentioned passions.

A perfect profile should include some information about what kind of relationships you are looking for. By the way, all the information should be true, as it influences the kind of people you attract. For instance, if you mention in your profile that you do not want a serious relationship, people who are looking for love online will simply ignore your page.

2. How do you live your life?

It is important to tell a few words about your passion, but do not ignore the fact that photos, videos and your posts are better proves than the words. Look through the information you share. It should reflect your worldview and interests. If you share a political article, check whether it correlates your political views or not.

People, you want to attract, should be able to see what you were doing recently, as well as your current appearance. If the latest updates go back to the 2011th year, fill your page with the new info right now! Show people places you enjoy, things you eat for breakfast, etc. Even some small things can be catchy for the right person. Show that you are sociable and post some photos with friends and relatives. However, avoid uploading photos with someone kissing or hugging you, if you know what I mean. Do not forget to upload a new profile photo.

3. Mind your language!

Both spelling and grammar are important if you want to have a perfect Facebook profile. The key thing is to differentiate grammar or spelling mistakes and typos. Most people will forgive you typos, as you do them automatically and unintentionally. Besides, the typo does not mean you don’t know how to spell another word, it mostly means you are typing fast. Still, try not to make too many of them.

Another thing is mistakes. A stranger interested in your profile, from what you have posted recently, for example, may look through the description and run away, thinking that you are uneducated. If you are not able to spell the words correctly, then what can you talk about and what are your interests…

There are a great number of free apps that can help you with it. Just google for a spell or grammar checker. And check what you are writing every time you hesitate.

All the care you create or update your profile with will be appreciated.

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