How to Date German Woman?

Cannot take your eyes of German women? Want to date with one of them? Here I am to help you. I am the one that you should listen to because I have successfully been dating with many German girls, and married to one of them. Now I can say that I am the happiest person in the world. Do you want to be like me? Before that, let’s discuss some of the questions.

Reasons you should date German woman:

1. All that beer
A German woman is the one that enjoys beer. Germany is all about beer. People who live there like any different kinds of beer. So you will definitely enjoy your time being with her, sipping a glass of beer.
2. Tasting the best street food
Germany is famous for its best street food, which is available in many outlets. For instance, you may enjoy the kebab with her.
3. Get physically fit with her
A woman in Germany really enjoys exercising. To be more precise, it does not matter how she looks like, but still, she will participate in some kind of sport. Meaning, you can exercise together.
4. It’s easy to make her interested
Frau is very open-minded and easy-going. They are very curious, so it is very simple to draw her attention.

Difference between Dating culture in USA and Germany

1. Touch.
The first thing you must remember is that you would rather not touch the German single woman because they are shy. However, it is recommended for you still to break the ice by doing this.
2. Logic in communication.
German lady is very direct. So if you ask her a direct conversation, one hundred percent you will receive a direct answer. But if you want to have fun, do your best to make her laugh.
3. Bragging.
American people like to brag to each other because it is a common thing for their nation. In Germany, people are less likely to show off, but if you want to impress her, you may brag too.
Things you should know about a German woman:

  • German lady usually has good manners and is very polite. Besides, she is not boring because she likes to have fun.
  • A German woman is very friendly and polite. She has a great sense of humor. Therefore, you will definitely enjoy her company.
  • A woman in Germany is cutting edge. She always stays updated about the latest news, her clothes are innovative, and she visits the most innovative restaurants and cinemas.
  • They enjoy the fact they are living on this planet. Frau really likes drinking a good wine and eating a good food. They are truly taking advantage of their lives, meaning, they are quite happy.
  • German single woman is very beautiful and hot. You will like her fire.

Do`s and Dont`s:

  • Do make little presents for her. She will appreciate that. But don’t try to buy her feeling by giving big presents to her because it’s a sign of bad manners.
  • Don’t ask her to go to the place you are living. A woman in Germany is smart enough to understand that all you want from her is sexual relationships.
  • Do be polite. No German girlfriend will stand rude behavior. Besides, if you keep on showing the signs of impoliteness, she will leave you alone for the rest of the evening.
  • Don’t tell her that you live with your parents. She might think that you are not independent enough to live on your own (Even if you do live there, wait for some time to tell her, but don’t tell who washes your clothes at the first date).

Rules on dating German lady:

1. Be responsible.
Keeping your word is very important for every girl, but for a German girlfriend, it’s essential. So if you told her that you will pick her up at 9 pm, please do it, or else she will not take you seriously.
2. Tell the truth.
Being honest is also a trait of character that German single woman appreciates. Don’t hide from her that you have some serious illness if you have. It’s better to tell it now, than after you get married.
3. Always be on time.
German girls like everything to be in order. They value their time and expect you to be punctual. So if you have a habit to be late, please remove it as soon as possible.
4. Ask her for a date only if you want to marry her.
Marriage is very important for German ladies. They are definitely focused on steady relationships that will lead to marriage. So if you want just to have a good time, relax, or get entertained without a desire to marry her, please don’t break her heart at least.

Dating etiquette in Germany

First and foremost, be prepared for the fact that German guys don’t like to call your meeting in restaurants or walks to the shops with a word “date”. They would rather remain shy and wait till the chemistry between him and you happen. If it does, you should expect more from him, but if it does not, probably, you are not made for each other.
Secondly, note that he pays for the bills. However, if he is modern, he might not like to pay for her. But in general, you will disappoint him if you try to pay for yourself. However, German women like equality. They don’t expect you to open a door for her or offer your place on a bus because they like the idea they are as humans as men. To add more, these girls like directness. They will definitely tell you if they dislike the date if you ask.

First date with a German girl

Due to the fact that American culture has influenced Germanic culture a lot, kissing and flirting is okay at the first date. German girl will not stand touches if there is no chemistry. But if it is, you may try to get closer to her. Also, they like compliments. For instance, you may say “du siehst sehr shön aus” to improve her mood.
On the first date, don’t concentrate on outcomes. Just enjoy the now. Behave as if you are with a girl from any other country. Remain genuine. Play jokes. Enjoy the moment!

How to seduce a German woman?

Even though many men say that the seduction of German girls is the easiest in the world, be ready for some adventures. If you want to spend a night with her, you would rather impress her on an intellectual level. Due to the fact, German women are very intelligent, you should create a challenge for them. If you have serious intentions towards her, just remain confident. If you are successful in your business, tell her, because these girls like when a man is in absolute control of his life. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to marry her, why to add one more object to your jar of hearts? Meaning, you should care about her feelings and respect her. Be responsible for your actions, that’s it.

Signs German woman likes you:

1. She smiles to you like to no one else.
Her smile is open, sweet, and tender. You see also that her eyes are “smiling” too, making you feel special for her.
2. She does not try to escape from you after you touched her.
Otherwise, it seems like she likes when you touch her. It means that the chemistry is between you and her, which is a good sign.
3. She listens to you attentively, not interrupting.
If it is so, it means she is interested in you, and love to listen to your voice the way it is. Women love with their ears.
4. She introduces you to her family.
By doing that, she shows that she treats you seriously and want to proceed in your relationships. So take courage and act confidently then!

Marrying a German woman

German brides are like a treasure: you are very lucky if you have one. They are very precious. If you enjoyed your first date with her, were introduced to her family, begin to create a plan of how to marry her, putting a ring on her finger. These girls aim at serious relationships that will end up in marriage. So if you mean to live all your life together, don’t wait to propose her. German brides are like no ever on earth. They are unique so that you will never find a girl like her in the world. If you love each other, let me personally bless you.


Hope that my experience of dating and marrying a girl from Germany will help you build serious relationships based on love, truth, and loyalty. I wish you to find your beloved one and live together happily, raising a dozen of kids. However, don’t give up if it did not last in love but hurt you. Just step over it and move on because you deserve to be happy and loved. Enjoy your time together with a soul mate as more as you can. Remember that love overcomes every fear. Have a great day!

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