What You Need to Know About Dating with Bulgarian Women

dating a bulgarian woman

Bulgaria is a very popular tourist destination thanks to the kindliness and hospitality of the locals. Bulgarians welcome guests of their country with special attention, so tourists feel incredibly comfortable inside the country. The ancestors of the Bulgarians are the Thracians, an ancient and thriving civilization, and the Slavs, who have mixed with the Thracian people and created the modern population of Bulgaria.

Most men in the world consider Bulgarian females beautiful. Moreover, the representatives of this nation live in all parts of our planet because, in search of prosperity, they are not afraid to leave their sunny homeland. The unquenchable thirst for life is a driving force, which makes Bulgarian women want to be the most beautiful, happy and well-off, build a better career and family.

About Women of Bulgaria

The beauty and attractiveness of Bulgaria women are largely determined by the favorable climate in which they live. Sea air moisturizes the sunburned skin, a large amount of vitamin D, entering the body along with the sun’s rays also contributes to the healthy state of hair, nails, the body as a whole. Of course, nutrition plays a big role as well: the cuisine contains many vegetables and fruit dishes, which are rich in vitamins. So, beautiful Bulgarian women rarely suffer from excess weight and can gain extra pounds only with age. Their bodies usually resemble a guitar: a magnificent bosom, a narrow waist, and cuddlesome hips.

bulgarian femalesHow to Date with Bulgarian Women?

How to become involved in dating Bulgarian women and succeed? All the conventions are blurred nowadays, and the Bulgarian girls give preference to brave guys who are not afraid to approach them.

However, you should be aware of one of the most interesting features of the Bulgarian mentality, it is about the manner of consent. If practically all over the world (with the exception of a few countries) people are used to nodding in agreement, then here, on the contrary, the agreement is confirmed by turning the head left-right. Conversely, denial is accompanied by a top-down nod of the head. Often, this unusual feature causes difficulties in relationships with foreigners, but it’s easy to get used to this manner.

Always discuss future plans

If you are going to be involved in dating a beautiful Bulgaria girl, then you should be prepared for the fact that you should discuss your plans with your girlfriend. On the one hand, these girls accept the fact that man is a leader of the family, but on the other hand, they prefer to be aware of everything and look down the road. So, your unwillingness to discuss your plans can be considered as disrespect, besides the girl may think that you are not going to share your future with her. Don’t make her worry in vain, it’ll be much easier and more productive to tell about your schedule, proving once again that there is always a place for her in your life.

They are religious

Bulgarian women are very decent, religious and self-respecting women. In Bulgaria, Islam is practiced by 13% of citizens, while the traditional religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which plays a significant role in the life of Bulgarian society. So, don’t be surprised if your girlfriend goes to a church regularly and maintain all the traditions with big respect. If you manifest some other religion or you are an atheist, this doesn’t mean that you cannot be engaged in dating a Bulgarian woman. The main thing you should do is to respect her beliefs and religiousness.

Good housewives

In the Bulgarian families, a man is traditionally a leader. People are very serious about creating a family. Beautiful Bulgarian girls are strong in spirit, they have a strong-willed character, they are confident and hardworking. At the same time, they are perfect mothers who can cultivate virtue, obedience, and respect for elders in children. Bulgarian women are excellent housewives, who know how to maintain domestic households in the best possible way, they are faithful, loving and respecting spouses. Having been brought up in a traditional culture, they are worthy partners and deserve the highest praise.

Be creative

If you want to find a worthy partner, being involved in Bulgarian women dating, then you should make efforts and show your creativeness. Nobody wants to date with a boring person, who neither wants nor does anything. A posh girl requires many efforts, so don’t be shy and expect when someone will approach you. Show your sense of humor, come up with something interesting to attract the girl and make her want to stay with you. Every woman wants to be with the best man, so if you manage to become the best version of yourself, you will have many options to choose from.

bulgarian femalesRead about culture

The culture of Bulgaria is a symbiosis of the traditions of the people, architecture, folklore, holidays and values that are transmitted to generations. Bulgaria is an ancient country of the Balkan Peninsula, which is located at the border of two worlds, European and Asian. The formation of the country has been greatly influenced by its geographical location. The result of this is many unique features of the Bulgarian culture, its extraordinary diversity, and charm. The knightly concept dominates in the courteous relationship between men and women in Bulgaria, so if you want to impress your girlfriend, be sure to find out about her culture.

Where to Meet Bulgarian Women?

When it comes to such an important thing as meeting with your soulmate, then any means to an end. Of course, you may be confused at first. Where to go? What dating site to choose? What should you be aware of before asking a Bulgarian girl out? Where to find this charming lady? Of course, the Internet is the first place that you think about. If you cannot use desktop sites, then you can use dating apps. You have great chances to meet such a woman in real life. As a rule, every big city has a diaspora of a certain nation, and if you are a lucky one, then you can meet Bulgarian girls there. Besides, pay attention to those places and sights that especially attract tourists, and maybe you will meet your future partner there.


Bulgaria can be called a universal country for tourists: there are all conditions for an excellent beach holiday at moderate prices in the summer as well as full-fledged excursion programs to ancient cities and monasteries. Most of the beaches in Bulgaria are marked with the “Blue Flag,” which indicates the cleanliness of the sea in these regions. And in winter, the country attracts skiers. Moreover, medical tourism is also popular in Bulgaria: local SPA resorts allow you to improve both physical and mental condition in a short time. The sun shines in Bulgaria almost all year round, so the country’s climate is particularly mild.


Varna is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria, which is constantly growing and developing. Today it is not only one of the oldest, but also the most popular and attractive resorts in Bulgaria. It is a port city, cultural and historical center of the country, the most important transportation hub as well as a popular tourist attraction center. Varna is famous for its clean beaches. Thus, here you can successfully combine a relaxed beach holiday with a cultural pastime, including interesting exhibitions and festivals, drama theaters, 10 cinema and concert halls. You will not be able to get bored especially in the company of a wonderful girl.


It is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria as well as one of the most popular Bulgarian tourist resorts. Its attraction lies in the luxurious sandy beaches, perfectly flat sea bottom and surprisingly clear water. In addition, the climate of Burgas and many sunny days throughout the year attract tourists like a magnet to this resort. Burgas is famous not only for its wonderful sea but also for its well-developed infrastructure. So, you will not be bored here if you have a girlfriend who will share sunbathing or water sports with you.

bulgaria womenSofia

It is the capital of wonderful Bulgaria, a beautiful ancient city that has many sights. Sofia will seem different for each tourist: the city is so diverse that any, even the most avid traveler, will find here activity to their liking. Sofia is one of the most ancient European cities. You will find something to enjoy in addition to beautiful girls. The main attractions of Sofia include museums: Archaeological and Ethnographic and a variety of art galleries. If you like sated excursion programs, you should definitely visit Sofia.

Dating Sites and Apps

Nowadays, dating sites and apps resemble a successful lottery ticket since they provide you with an amazing opportunity to meet smart and posh girls, who live in another country or on the other continent. You don’t have to waste your time, and a love affair on the Internet can be not less exciting than offline one, so don’t hesitate and register on the dating site that suits you most. Such an experience can bring a lot of fun and joy and can become a chance to meet the girl of your dream. You can try to find your love on https://topface.com or https://www.connectingsingles.com. It’s one of the best ways to spend time with profit and pleasure.


Don’t forget about the well-known fact that posh girls require many efforts, so if you are looking for hot Bulgaria girls, remember that these girls appreciate the generosity. This does not mean that you are obliged to shower a casual acquaintance with diamonds or present the newest Porsche to her on the second date. But you should not skimp on pleasant things like sweets, tickets to a concert or a nightclub, a cocktail at the bar at your expense, etc. Modern girls clearly understand that life is too short to spend it on greedy men and bad mood!

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