Top 20 Sexy Mexican Girls in Bikini

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There is something special about Mexican women. To get an impression of hot Mexican beauty, just remember the famous Salma Hayek’s dance in the 1996 movie From Dusk Till Dawn. Choosing twenty girls among such beauties was incredibly difficult. Here are just a few Mexican models we had to consider before picking one: Elsa Benitez, Ninel Conde, Lorena Herrera, and Barbara Mori. But despite the complexity of the task set before us, we made up a list of Top 20 beautiful Mexican girls. Continue reading

Hot Famous Russian Models


It’s not easy to get into the modeling business, and it’s even harder to become famous and popular. But some Slavic ladies managed to do this, successfully mastering this tough profession. The peculiar beauty and charm of these girls are known all over the world. The faces of Russian Instagram models won the hearts of millions of followers, and even the most famous designers and photographers dream of working with them; their incomes are simply unthinkable. Well, maybe Russian models are not the most highly paid ones in this business, but they make their presence in the global advertising market felt. Today, we’ll show you ten hot Russian models that conquered international podiums. Continue reading

Top 10 Russian Models in Bikini 2017


Any model, despite the neutral facial features, should have a certain set of qualities that distinguish her from other ladies, such as beautiful cheekbones, eyes, forehead, and expressive face oval. And Russian girls often have all of them at once. Every year Russian beauties debut in fashion shows. In this article, we collected ten most popular Slavic models of 2017. Enjoy these Russian beauties’ images. Continue reading

3 Legitimate Russian Dating Sites


Nowadays there is a huge amount of dating services on the net. The main goal of the majority of them is to earn money, rather than help people. Therefore, they reach their aim by setting out the prices with a bunch of zeroes, covering the whole page with the advertisements, which make the process of chatting a true disaster. To say nothing about the loading speed. What is more, some of the dating sites like to collaborate with the scammers’ creators. Seems like sometimes they try to make you suffer from the interface and bleed white on purpose instead of turning the dating in a pleasant and joyful process. What is more, some of the girls turn out to be paid for chatting and do not want to go on communicating with you in the end. Continue reading

How to Know If a Girl Likes You through Texting?


Online dating became a real salvation in our frantic present. With our busy-scheduled lives, we rarely have the luxurious possibility of dating. Yep, we have, still we don’t have time to have enough dates with one person to tell whether we fit each other or not. Online dating gives you enough time to learn the person exchanging the messages. In the course of your chatting, you can really figure out whether you like this person or not. Learning how much you have in common will help you avoid the risk of finding yourself short of conversational topics on the first date. Continue reading

10 Signs that a Shy Girl Likes You at Work


Many psychologists and relationships experts claim that our work environment is the best place to look for a life partner. There we can see how people take responsibilities, perform different tasks, communicate with other co-workers or clients, and resolve problems. Moreover, we meet different types of personalities there and learn something new about human behavior every day. So, pay attention to some of your colleagues. Maybe you have to meet someone closer and arrange a date in a coffee house. Continue reading

How to Date a Girl Who Travels for Work


You can face many different life circumstances like a long business trip, study in another city, an alluring prospect to make a round-the-world trip on a kayak that will scatter you and the girl around different ends of the country or even continents.

It is not easy to find the right person and start dating, so when you hear from her, “I travel a lot for work,” it might upset and makes think about the future. “A lot” can mean on average, two weeks or more a month. Continue reading

How to Know if Your Husband Has a Dating Profile


Nowadays, numerous online dating services allow people to hide some small affairs, romances, and sometimes even full-fledged relationships, not risking being caught in the act by their loved ones one day. On the other hand, most of these websites can’t ensure that a cheater’s secrets will never be uncovered, so they are not as reliable as people think. Continue reading

Online Dating First Message: 11 Essential Tips


Talking to a girl online is much easier than in person. Just a few minutes of online search and you can learn everything about her: where she works or studies, what she likes, and what movies she prefers. That’s why, in online dating, the first message is essential. But when it comes to it, the same question always pops up: what to write to draw her attention to you and make her want to keep chatting? In this article, we’ll talk about online dating tips on the first message, best first messages in online dating, what they should contain, and what you should avoid when writing them. Continue reading

10 Pros and Cons of Dating an INTP Female


We may not be the advanced psychologists, but today everyone knows what introversion and extraversion mean. These terms contain the basic knowledge about our personalities. Some people usually disagree with the idea of dividing themselves into groups saying that everyone is unique. To some extent it is true. But we can’t deny the fact that some of us are more talkative, active, or creative than others, and it can be explained by a certain classification. Continue reading

Signs of Toxic Relationships and How to Avoid Them


What is a toxic relationship? How to know that your partner does nothing but hurts your feelings? Can you call your relationships toxic if they don’t make you happy and don’t enrich you? Not quite. The toxic relationships are those which lead to psychological problems, mental and physical disorders. And how to have a successful relationship? Continue reading

The ‘Is My Wife Cheating?’ Checklist


If your woman’s infidelity was a one-time thing, for example, because she got drunk, then you will most likely never find out, unless she accidentally blabs about it herself. There are practically no signs of cheating that can be used to calculate a one-time thing. The case is very different for women who have found a lover they see on a certain basis. Continue reading

How to kiss a Ukrainian girl


Have you ever wanted to kiss a Ukrainian woman but she turned her head or said that you have to wait a little more? Perhaps you asked permission and she didn’t agree. There are cases when a man just doesn’t know how to kiss a girl on a date. Actually, the first kiss is not an easy thing. Sometimes this is a real test for a person. So, how to do this right? You will find the answer to this question in this article. Continue reading

What Are the Differences between Marrying a Russian and Ukrainian Woman?


We often hear that Russian and Ukrainian nations are the same. But is it really so? Actually, not everything looks so unambiguous even judging by the appearance of Russians and Ukrainians. Is it possible to distinguish Russian girls from Ukrainian at first sight? Of course, it is not. But still, some general patterns can be distinguished. It is indisputable that both Russians and Ukrainians belong to the white race. At the same time, the girls in Russia are of average height, have medium build, fair skin, light gray or blue eyes, and fair hair. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Marrying a Ukrainian Woman

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Are you in love right now? If the answer is ‘no’ and your heart is an open door, then it’s high time to find someone special. But where can I find this exact type that will love me for who I am, share my interests, beliefs and genuinely care? Well, finding someone unique is not so easy. Maybe, you just seek for this woman in the wrong places. For example, a lot of men prefer looking for their significant other abroad where they can find an appropriate and much more desirable set of beliefs in a person. Sometimes, being in a relationship with a person from another country can be tricky. At least you know everything about native girls, but international love is a whole new story.
Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Dating Belorussian Girls

A lot of Western men find it difficult to approach Slavic women. But if your intentions are pure and serious, finding a girlfriend from Belarus won’t be too hard. Just as their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts, Belarusian women have their own prejudices, so you should keep it in mind if you’re going to date one. Continue reading

25 Movies for a Night Movie Marathon

Find out how to make your late-night date meaningful

Movie dates are great not only because you can have a relaxing night together but because they help test your compatibility as well. Find out what 25 glorious films you should definitely see with your significant other!

1. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Romcoms seem to be a too obvious choice for a romantic evening but this one is truly iconic. Just see how a relationship between two different people goes through many stages before they finally realise they were made for each other.


2. 50 First Dates (2004)

Too cheesy? No, I don’t think so. Though I’ve never been a huge fan of Drew Barrymore or Adam Sandler, their performances here are just great. The story itself is light and full of good humour, after all.


3. Casablanca (1942)

For those who’d like to have a really special evening, this is surely a must-see picture. Sophisticated black-and-white filming, the touching story, and all other stuff we love classical Hollywood for.


4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Another film that tries to define the nature of love yet the way Michel Gondry tells the story will take your breath away – that’s how one of my friends described her feelings about it.


5. La La Land (2016)

Because it is merely awesome; no wonder they grabbed so many awards. What I personally like about La La Land most of all is that there’s no traditional happy end, which makes the story romantic yet realistic.


6. Annie Hall (1992)

I absolutely love Woody Allen’s masterpieces so here is one of them. No, this is not only my subjective opinion!

Annie Hall

7. Jurassic Park (1993)

Dinosaurs are awesome, don’t you think so? Maybe, this is not the most romantic movie of all times but you will definitely have fun.


8. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

It would be a true crime to not include any of Tim Burton’s films in this list so here we are.


9. Hitch (2005)

Not that the story was too enlightening but your pick up skills can get better if you see it.


10. Secretary (2002)

Indeed, there were films raising the topics of BDSM and forbidden love way before Fifty Shades of Grey. And, strictly speaking, this one is way better. By the way, there is Mr Grey too.


11. Ghost (1990)

Can we ever get bored with love stories? This one is both sad and incredibly touching.


12. Friends with Benefits (2011)

Where is the line between friendship and love? Seems like this movie partially gives the answer.


13. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

The recipe of a perfect movie can be simple: a little bit of sex, a little of action, and a few family issues. And yeah, this is what Brangelina started with.


14. Interview with the Vampire (1994)

If there is a story about vampires anyone should see, you’ve got it. Just a beautiful story with many subtexts and bright characters. I guess it’s going to be my favourite Tom Cruz’s role ever.


15. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

What is “normal”? Based on the homonymous book, this perfectly written drama tackles rather big issues. The dramatic conflict is pretty interesting and the acting is great (Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper – who else do you need?).


16. The Notebook (2004)

Not sure if this movie is in my top but I guess everyone should see it just to be aware of such a significant story. Or if you are a fan of Ryan Gosling, of course. The photography is stunning, by the way.

The Notebook

17. Her (2013)

AI has always been a hot topic. In particular, humanity is obsessed with the question of relationships between artificial and real beings.


18. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

New York as it is indeed the city where dreams can come true. And it is what exactly happened in this story. Besides, you will see what online dating was like in the 1990s.


19. 9 1/2 weeks (1986)

A movie featuring young Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger, lots of passion, and Joe Cockers’ music. Flawless.


20. Chocolat (2000)

Although it is rather a film for girls, it is still very good. You know, to watch it is like to taste many different sorts of chocolate, bitter, sweet, spicy, or even salt.


21. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)

This film is worth watching at least because of Audrey Hepburn who played her most famous role here. The plot may not be that outstanding nowadays but it is nevertheless one of the notable pictures of the 1960s.


22. Amelie (2001)

If you love France and especially its capital, this film gives a perfect opportunity to get some Paris air. The story is not just about two weirdoes searching for love but about the prose of life as well.


23. Titanic (1997)

I hugely doubt there are people who’ve never seen Titanic (unless you were born in the 2010s) so this masterpiece barely needs an introduction. But does it become less amazing with time?


24. The Naked Gun (1988-1994)

One of the best comic franchises of all times featuring brilliant Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley in her best years. No need to write long reviews, just sit down on your sofa and watch all three movies.


25. Child’s Play (1988)

Yes, I mean exactly what I say. The 1988 slasher movie actually kicked all the whole franchise that is also worth your attention. There are scary moments, there are funny moments, and Chucky is just my love!


Why Younger Girls Prefer Older Men


Most women want their partner to be a few years older than them. As you can remember from school, girls mature faster than boys, both physiologically and psychologically. It’s natural that they are drawn to older guys who seem to be more mature than their peers.

This tendency goes on in adult life. Girls in their early 20s feel attracted to men in the late 20s or early 30s. They believe these guys are more established, mature, and interesting. Since women tend to view all men as potential partners, older men, who are reliable and self-sufficient, seem better candidates for them. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Ukrainian Dating Sites

ukrainian women

Modern technology has made a significant impact on our lives over the past few decades, and one of the biggest impacts it had was on the way we meet other people, date and build relationships. Among the younger generations especially, meeting potential love partners online is now a standard practice. Obviously, as most game-changing technology, there are pros and cons of dating sites.
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10 Pros and Cons of Having a Russian Wife

We gathered everything you have ever wanted to know

Male westerners often say “I want a Russian wife” but do they really understand what it’s like? Online dating is already a well-established norm but in a case with international marriages, the situation is not so clear. If you are about to use a Russian wife finder, there are many peculiarities to take into an account.
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Dating Divorced Women: Top 10 Facts to Know

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Enhance your love life with this guide!

All women aren’t the same, that’s why dating a divorced lady is different from dating a never-married girl. If you’ve met a lady of your dreams and know she has been through it, you likely need some preparation. Find out what to expect from a relationship of this kind and how to treat a divorced woman!
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